The Agrodolce Story

Roberto Mesiano and Vittorio Castelli are two Italian-Canadian friends from White Rock, BC. They share a passion for good food and good company. One day, after an incredible Italian meal, they began discussing how hard it is to find reasonably priced, artisan balsamic vinegar, like the versions they had loved back in Italy. This conversation evolved into a burning desire to find and source the very best balsamic vinegar, with the goal to make such products available to their part of Western Canada.  

In January of 2012, Roberto and Vittorio went to Italy to learn as much as they could about balsamic vinegar. They toured many traditional producers before ending up at Acetaia Dodi. The Dodi family represented everything Roberto and Vittorio were looking for, the highest quality product, produced with traditional techniques. The Dodi family were likewise impressed by their passion to source the very best artisanal Italian products. There, Agrodolce Importers was born, and Roberto and Vittorio have been importing Italy's best artisanal products to North America ever since.  

Since their initial beginnings, Roberto and Vittorio have partnered with additional specialty producers, such as Oilala and Pasta Mancini. Agrodolce Importers works with retailers across Canada and the US to bring the taste of Italy to everyone's kitchen. As of 2020, Agrodolce Importers also delivers direct to consumers.